The Entrepreneurship Club upholds a learning-by-doing environment where students can cultivate their entrepreneurship skills. Students in the club will participate in the development of a business by attending meetings and also bringing their ideas into realities by developing a start up. Entrepreneurship club will help students to turn their ideas and passions into businesses and will help to develop future business leaders. It is most important for college nowadays because there is a start-up wave riding across the nation. Today’s college students are part of a critical generation that will further our economic recovery. The foundational role of startups in our economy makes an entrepreneurship club an asset to any college campus.


The Entrepreneurship Club is a club which cultivates and equips businessmen and women for the future. Its goal is to benefit and develop aspiring entrepreneurs as it will act as a platform for applying and exercising academic learnt skills. It is our goal to educate students in many aspects of entrepreneurship emphasizing more on good business ethics, taking right business decisions while maximizing profit. The following statements show the need for an entrepreneurship club in a college:

  • To provide a way for young entrepreneurs to meet virtually, share ideas and learn from others about what it take to initiate their own business.
  • The Club aims to provide guidance to aspiring young students to pursue their business ownership dream at under graduate and Post Graduate Level.
  • The Club aims to help students to cultivate a start-up business idea, teach them basic strategies like estimating costs and writing a business plan, and help them network their ideas toward sources of finding.
  • The main need of the entrepreneurial club is to foster entrepreneurship amongst the students, faculty and society at a large.
  • Making students capable of setting up units and enabling self – employment which leads to the creation of numerous job opportunities for others.
  • Entrepreneurs mobilize idle savings of the public and put them to productive use. Various development banks like ICICI, IDBI, SIDSC etc. take initiative in promoting entrepreneurship through financial assistance to new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship club will provide such information to students.
  • Make students aware that small scale units can be set up in industrially backward and remote areas with limited financial resources. 
  • EDC provide the necessary support to students by educating them about the latest innovations and market trends.
  • EDC can develop awareness among students about the attitudes, values, and skills required for successful entrepreneurs as well as to sensitize the industrial scenario of the state.
  • Enhancing managerial abilities: EDC can develop programs that help students develop enhance their organizing and managerial abilities so that they can run their enterprise efficiently and successfully.


  • To inculcate entrepreneurial culture in students.
  • To inculcate social virtues i.e.; trustworthiness, integrity, hard work, discipline honesty etc as constituents of entrepreneurship.
  • To enable them to take informed decisions.
  • To bring in successful entrepreneurs and students on a common platform.
  • To educate members on various dimensions of industry.
  • To nurture the latent entrepreneurial talents.
  • To nurture the development of quality entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in the local & global business industries.


  • Organise interactive sessions with successful entrepreneurs from outside as well as within the State.
  • Organise workshops/debates.
  • Organise industrial visits to business enterprises within /outside State.
  • Interaction with promotional agencies / successful entrepreneurs / other stake holders.
  • Exposure to various events in various parts of the country related to industrial developments.
  • Organize Entrepreneurship Clinics & Entrepreneur Awareness Programme.
  • To introduce talented youths to industrial research organizations.
  • To familiarize the youths to the latest developments through media.
  • To conduct exhibitions to explore talents of students.


  • Idea Generation: Every new venture begins with an idea. So all the members (students) are requested to generate some Innovative ideas. In our context, we take an idea to be a description of a need or problem of some constituency coupled with a concept of a possible solution. (A characterization of this phase is still work in process on this site.)
  • Opportunity Evaluation: This is the step where you ask the question of whether there is an opportunity worth investing in. 
  • Planning: When the members decides it as an opportunity, they need a plan for how to capitalize on that opportunity. A plan begins as a fairly simple set of ideas, and then becomes more complex as the business takes shape. In the planning phase you will need to create two things: strategy and operating plan.
  • Launching: Once there is a sufficiently compelling opportunity and a plan, the entrepreneurial team will go through the process of choosing the right form of corporate entity and actually creating the venture.
  • Growth: After launching phase the members should move on to new innovative ideas & they should work on it.


SARI K SConvener
CHITHRA C SEKHARComputer Science
SIMNA V SComputer Science

Standard Operating Procedure

SOP for conducting various activities under Nature Club.

1. Meeting with members of the Club for taking decisions about activities.

2. Forwarding request letter to Principal.

3. Preparing notice for the relevant program after getting sanction from Principal.

4. Preparing brochure for the program to inform students & teachers.

5. Preparing report with geotag photos.

6. Attendance of the participants (if required).

7. Certificate for the winners (if required).