Mentoring and counselling is a systematic approach that aims to help students get accustomed to the needs of their environment and thereby improving the overall functioning of the students. The Mentoring and Counselling Committee aims to provide mentoring, counselling and support to the students in their educational, professional as well as personal development.


The process is related to self-development, professional growth and career development of the mentee.


  • To provide complete motivation and support students for their overall improvement and success.
  • To improve discipline and human interaction among students in the campus. To develop a healthy relationship between students and teachers.
  • Helps identify career paths and support students in their career related challenges.
  • To inculcate human values among students.
  • To ensure academic and personal excellence of the students.
  • To enlighten the students on professional ethics and conduct.
  • To counsel the students for solving their problems and building confidence to achieve their goals.


The functions of this committee is carried out through the following activities:

1. Nurturing through the remedial teaching program.

2. Mentoring through individual counselling.

3. Provide various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioural, academic, and social issues.

4. Apart from this, the ones who are financially weak are helped by guiding them for financial assistance from banks and getting a scholarship for students through various organizations.

5. Planning and implementing a career guidance program from an external agency if needed.

6. Organizing workshops in the area like Stress management, Emotional regulation, Self-awareness, Career development, etc.

7. Offering counselling in the area of psychology and career guidance on request basis. 8. Arranging psychological testing in areas of Aptitude, Intelligence, Interest and Stress and anxiety as needed.


  • Forming a committee of faculties according to their choices.
  • Prepare mentor-mentee groups as per the prescribed ratio (1:20)
  • Identification of slow learners, counsel and suggest techniques to minimize their weaknesses in learning and improve their performance.
  • Providing further assistance and guidance to the mentees according to their need and accessing the progress
  • Preparation of counselling reports.
  • Maintain the records and file all the activities conducted


Principal (Chairperson)

Chithra Prakash (Convener)

Dr. Femi Benzir (Counselor)

Jesna Sideek (Member)

Jayadev Sekhar C O (Member)

Sruthi Kumar E K (Member)

Salnamol P S (Member)

Athira (Member)

Sandra Narayanan (Member)

Susan (Member)

Anza Shafi S (Member)