Whereas KMM College of Arts and Science, Thrikkakara, has decided to establish a committee in 2022, to facilitate and provide scholarships for eligible students of the college from Central and State governments and private sector, for their advancement;

And whereas to declare and constitute the said committee and provide for the regulation of its activities, and matters connected with student scholarships;

And whereas to codify the aforesaid matters, do hereby establish and ordain this constitution for the committee.


            The name of the committee shall be the ‘Scholarship Committee.’

Need of the Committee

            The charge of the scholarship committee is to oversee the annual scholarships and ensure the timely and fair disposition of the scholarship(s) funds.The committee shall publicize and solicit applications, and make decisions based on the applicant(s) responses. It is also responsible to distribute scholarship(s), and follow up with recipients to ensure that the scholarship(s) awarded are received.


1.         To introduce and oversee student scholarships for first year undergraduate and postgraduate students of the college.

2.         To publicize, solicit, and process Central and State government and private sector scholarship applications from eligible students, on behalf of the college.

3.         To ensure disbursal of scholarship amount to eligible students and ensure periodic receipt of the same from follow-up with them.

4.         To assist those students who received scholarships to renew the same for next year.


1.         The convener shall inform undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate students, about

existing and new student scholarships provided by Central and State governments and private sector.

2.         To guide and assist the students to complete the application procedure.

3.         To collect and verify the applications based on the merits of students and

available funds.

4.         To recommend the names of students and amounts to the college management for


5.         To maintain all the records for auditing.

Systematic Operating Procedure (SOP)

1.         The convener shall convene a meeting of the committee every two months in the


2.         Take minutes of the meeting.


1.         The Chairman of the Committee shall be the Principal of the College.

2.         The Convener of the Committee shall be the Faculty in-charge designated as such by the   Academic Director.

3.         The Members of the Committee shall be the Faculties in-charge designated as such by the  Academic Director.